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Sleep & Brain Renewal

Sleep & Brain Renewal

Lack of sleep can wreak havoc on your health both physically and mentally.  Poor sleep means a stressed mind and an unhappy brain! Here are few handy tips to help you get some much-needed rest at night:

1) Limit stimulants including tea, coffee, caffeinated drinks and even alcohol at least three hours before sleeping.

2) Wake up every day at the same time to establish a consistent pattern and create a rising ritual. Your mind and body love routine.

3) Resist the snooze button as it will confuse your  sleep cycle and create long-term problems.

4) Exercise regularly to cope with stress and help you sleep. Exercise in the morning, afternoon or early evening. Late night workouts stimulate your endorphins and make it hard to nod off.

5) If you continue to struggle to relax and sleep no matter what you do, consider having a  sleep study and brain mapping at your nearest Renewal Institute Branch.

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