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Brain Renewal

Brain Renewal

Some of us are adrenaline junkies and others like to play it safe avoiding unnecessary risk-taking. Some people are always ‘busy’, they never seem to achieve much, but it makes them feel important.

High achievers always push the limits and find a little bit more ‘oomph’ to cross the finish line, while many others just fizzle out along the way …

What is Brain Renewal?

A new and very exciting addition to our services, dedicated to bring you the latest in research, development and new technology!

  • Brain Renewal wants to know whether you are performing at your maximum and if not; how we can help you attain new levels of excellence.
  • Brain Renewal will focus on neuro-feedback through an electro encephalogram (EEG) that will give you an opportunity to understand yourself better and become the best you can be.
  • The results will help you, through brain training, optimise your brains development and performance, as well as treating certain medical conditions.
  • This is initiated with brain mapping after which you will receive a feedback session and report. Brain mapping will give you more information about your brain’s activities and what you can do to enhance its performance.

What is Neuro-feedback?

  • Your brain waves have a variety of frequencies, each with their own characteristics.
  • Neuro-feedback is the process of listening to your brain’s activities via an electro encephalogram (EEG), providing positive audio and visual feedback to your senses.
  • Neuro- feedback ‘listensto and records your brain’s activity frequency over ten thousand times a second. This provides an instant reference point by which its function can be improved.
  • Neuro- feedback encourages these frequencies into the appropriate region of your brain for optimal function.

What is Brain Mapping?

Our brain continually produces brain waves (measurable electrical activity); different frequencies are present when we are awake and when we are asleep. Scientists have identified certain brain wave patterns which are recorded by the EEG. These recorded brain wave patterns can then be analyzed in different situations. This is called brain mapping. 

What are the different Brain Wave patterns?

  • Alpha- waves – when you are in a relaxed state and not actively thinking or interacting with the world around you.
  • Beta-waves – when you are busy and interacting with your surroundings; concentrating, thinking or solving problems.
  • Theta-waves – that blissful time when you are drowsy, daydreaming or sleeping lightly. These waves can also be identified during thoughtless, restless over-activity.
  • Delta- waves – occurs during deep sleep.

How can Neuro-feedback Benefit ADHD Sufferers?

EEG bio-feedback is also referred to as neuro therapy and helpful in different conditions.

  • Older people can strengthen their memory, physical energy, experience calm and clarity of thought.
  • Insomniacs and those who suffer from headaches and pain find themselves restored.
  • Women and men stressed out and run down by relentless responsibilities, find new energy.
  • Students wanting to improve their focus, get better grades, and experience greater confidence.
  • Artists, musicians, writers and executives – create new neural networks that can open up discoveries, creativity and positive energy.
  • Those suffering with physical and emotional traumas find that they can cope better.
  • Athletes can improve their focus, concentration, reaction times and dexterity.

Reference: 3 ways to train your brain!

If you have ever wanted to change your attitude or level of achievement, neuro-feedback is for you and could change your life!