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Dr Zander Coertze

Dr Zander Coertze

Dr Zander Coertze was born in Pretoria, but at a young age, his family moved to a small town in the North West where the majority of his family still reside. He managed to sprout some roots in that small community but was uprooted again just before he started high school when his parents moved to Welkom in the Free State to continue the family business.

He comes from a long succession of farmers, and being the oldest son and grandson, all eyes fell on him to eventually take over the family business. With this in mind he started out his tertiary education studying Accounting, aiming to contribute to his heritage by better understanding business, but soon realised that even though he excelled in business, he craved human interaction and personal growth more than financial success.

Dr Zander's creative and wondering mind was on everything except financial statements, so he took a leap of faith, applied to study Medicine, and ultimately found his match. He immediately fell in love with the medical profession and all aspects of the human body and mind. He graduated in 2013 from the University of the Free State and continued his two-year internship in Bloemfontein. After he completed his internship in Bloemfontein, he moved to Kimberley and ended up working in Neurosurgery as part of his community service.

He believes that Medicine is no longer an independent profession, but an interdisciplinary and multi-module approach to every aspect of the human body and mind that needs to be established. This approach will facilitate the best possible solution, tailored to the specific needs and requirements of a patient - where a patient ultimately walks out feeling confident in the knowledge that they are in the right hands.

He loves to collaborate with diverse teams to solve difficult medical and social challenges. He further believes that one person can make a difference, but a team can change lives.

In his free time, he enjoys side projects and hobbies of all kinds, from the mundane to the absurd. When he is not at work, he tends to allow the creative side of himself to flourish. He enjoys craftsmanship, interior design, and landscaping - and takes great pride in the appearance of his personal being and home.

He concludes: "I believe that joining the Renewal Institute, becoming a member of this dynamic team where patient's needs are met with passion and knowledge, will honour my skills and abilities, providing me with the canvas to grow, create and inspire."