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Results - Skin Rejuvenation

Skin Rejuvenation

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At which age did you feel skin rejuvenation became important

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6. Are you aware of the benefits of and regular use of Vitamin A creams?

54.3% of the respondents said Yes and 45.7% said No.

Vitamin A cream can help the skin retain water and make the skin appear plumper and fuller. It helps to add moisture to your skin, repairing any dry spots you may have. It also helps aid in the healing process of acne. It can help tone down the appearance of stretch marks and bruises, and help the treatment of eczema.

Oral supplements to benefit skin condition

8. Are you concerned about the effects of sun damage, UV, environmental and free radical damage to your skin and general health?

94.7% of respondents are concerned about the effects of sun damage and 5.3% are not concerned. Most respondents commented and said they use a daily SPF as precaution against sun damage.

Sun damaged skin is associated with a range of cosmetic concerns - from pigmentation problems and splotchy skin to redness due to enlarged vessels or capillaries, all causing discolouration of the skin. Photo ageing caused by ultraviolet light exposure, tends to act more on the surface of the skin. There are sun freckles or irregular pigmentation and dilated blood vessels (often referred to as "broken" blood vessels) that lead to an overall uneven tone and discolouration.

Without protection from the sun's rays, just a few minutes of exposure each day over the years can cause noticeable changes to the skin. Freckles, age spots, spider veins on the face, rough and leathery skin, fine wrinkles that disappear when stretched, loose skin, a blotchy complexion, actinic keratoses (thick wart-like, rough, reddish patches of skin), and skin cancer can all be traced to sun exposure.

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