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Brain Mapping

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1How do I get started?
  • 2Is the brain map safe?

Your brain is unique, so before you embark on any training, it is best to have a MAP of your brain. This MAP provides valuable information about how your brain functions.

On the day of your first Neuro-feedback session with the Brain Renewal technician, you will be asked to complete a brief assessment and questionnaire describing how you are feeling and include any concerns you may have that require attention. The tech will then take you through to the mapping room and have you sit in a comfortable chair facing a computer screen.

The technician then attaches tiny sensors (EEG/EKG) on your scalp and behind your ears to pick up the delicate electrical activity of your brain. Your technician will record a baseline reading of your brain in three states: Eyes closed, at rest and on task. This data is compiled and is used to generate your “MAP”. The MAP assessment takes between 1 to 2 hours. 

Once you have completed the brain mapping session, a report is compiled from the map and is then sent to you within 48 hours.

The Brain Renewal tech will go through your map in detail with you either directly after the map assessment, or telephonically at a later appointed time. This is a great time to ask any questions before discussing your training program. 

During this assessment, you will also receive a complimentary ten minute de-stress and have an opportunity to experience the power of Neuro-Feedback in real time. 

From this map, a personal and customised training program will be created for you, in order for you to reach your desired goals. While Brain RenewalTM offers some very exciting ways of assessing your progress, in the end it is always how you are doing in your life that counts most. After all, this is what brought you to Brain RenewalTM in the first place!

Much like an EKG or ECG, the system is simply reading or listening to this signal. Nothing comes out or through the electrodes, no electricity. Pulses are sent down the electrodes into your brain. 

Neuro-feedback is naturopathic and does not “harm” the brain in any way. Nothing invasive or intrusive is involved throughout the mapping or training process. 

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