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Mindfulness and Creativity

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1How does Neurofeedback help with this?
  • Through mindfulness and meditation research, neuroscientists have come to recognise the emotional and health benefits of a clear, balanced and centred mind.
  • By training a quiet and clear mind, the more subtle and complex thoughts come into awareness.
  • We become more resilient, more connected, more ourselves; allowing intuition and inspiration to flow.
  • These basic principles underlie our approach to neurofeedback.
  • The advantage of integrating modern neuroscience with the eastern traditions is the essential mental training can be accomplished in a much shorter time, working directly with the brain's inherent neuroplasticity.
  • Our neurofeedback brain training acts as a mental compass, showing the way into states that are difficult to reach without guidance.
  • After some practice, you can get there on your own.


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