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Brain Renewal Training

Neuro-Feedback will support and treat any associative ailment/condition or goal relating to the functional part of the brain. Your brain knows how to keep you alive, but it has little reference of how to keep you well. In our over stimulated and over communicated society our brains are under constant bombardment or attack of stimulus which causes our brains to go “out of sync” and over time cause an array of associated conditions. Within a short space of time what was once easy to do has become difficult to manage. You are not alone, as this has become the new normal.

These symptoms creep in over-time and are generally managed until they reach a tipping point.

The usual tactics fail to keep this at bay and before you know it, everyday seems to require more energy to cope with the day to day stress of what has become everyday life.

Neuro-Feedback is based on a simple principle to teach the patients brain to produce the brain-wave patterns associated with the correct and healthy brain function in context of a task and its associated region. Each treatment is tailor made to each patient thus making it essentially unique to each individual.

This is great to know that each person is not given a general “prescription” for a personal problem.

Through the Neuro-Feedback sessions the brain readjusts its self to support healthy brain function. As the brain function improves it allows you to shine through, improving your thinking, feeling, vitality and health and in turn effects the endocrine system to restore the correct chemical balance which is natural for the body. This effect is multiplied through good nutrition and supplementation which is managed through your Renewal Doctor. As the client/patient goes through the Neuro-Feedback sessions the brain begins to calm down (or activated) and function as it was intended to. Neuro-Feedback will lower the “coherence” of the left and right Hemispheres and restore frontal lobe function which will improve: Focus, Concentration, Data processing and improve the ability to lower stress, deal with stressful environments, people and other stimulus which promotes destructive disorders. In turn it will Balance the Left and right Hemispheres to dissolve Anxiety, Panic and Depression. It will restore memory, improve internal happiness, trust issues and quiet the voices or “noise” from the back of the brain, all drug free.

Neuro-Feedback will reset your current “stressed out normal” to being relaxed, feeling energised, enthusiastic and stress free.

Each Disorder or Ailment, can be treated through many avenues there is a high success rate of treatment of these disorders with Neuro-Feedback, both with adults and children. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1What happens in a Brain Renewal Session?
  • 2What happens during a Brain Renewal session?
  • 3​How will you feel afterwards?
  • 4Who would benefit from brain training?
  • 5How many sessions will I need?
  • 6The "two session" rule:
  • 7Do the effects of Brain Training last?
  • 8How much Neuro-Feedback training does it take to get to your “new normal”?
  • 9What can I do once I have completed my course of sessions?

Before your first Neuro-feedback session begins, the technician may have you fill in a brief assessment and questionnaire describing how you are feeling. Then s/he will have you sit in a comfortable chair facing a computer screen.

Next the technician attaches tiny sensors on your scalp and behind your ears to pick up the delicate electrical activity of your brain. Much like an EKG or ECG, the system is simply reading or listening to this signal. Nothing comes out or through the electrodes, no electricity, pulses are sent down the electrodes into your brain. Neuro-feedback is naturopathic and does not “harm” the brain in any way. Nothing invasive or intrusive is involved throughout the mapping or training process. Your technician will record a baseline reading of your brain in three states: Eyes closed, at rest and on task. This data is compiled and is used to generate your “brain map”. A report is compiled from this map and will be sent to you within 48 hours. This will be reviewed with you, either directly after the map assessment or telephonically at a later appointed time. This is a great time to ask any questions you wish before starting your training program. From this map a personal and custom training protocol/program will be created for you to reach your desired goals. It can be interesting to look at your brain activity at the beginning versus the end of your sessions as well as over time. While Brain RenewalTM offers some very exciting ways of assessing your progress, in the end it is always how you are doing in your life that counts most. After all, this is what brought you to Brain RenewalTM in the first place!

Your technician will make you comfortable and give you earphones and a blanket when needed. You are welcome to bring your own set of earphones for your comfort (this is a great idea). You will listen to tones, watch DVD’s, play “Pac-man” during which you may notice very brief pauses in the sounds or image. The very precise timing of these interruptions gives your brain the vital information it needs to recognise itself. This provides your brain with a reference point from which to operate more optimally. You don’t have to do anything while all this is happening. Through some of the protocols, you can close your eyes and “zone out” even sleep through some of the sessions and just let your brain do its job. Yes, it is possible for training to occur while you sleep through selected session of the training.

The length of the brain training can vary and a session is usually around one to four hours consisting of multiple protocols (exercises) over different areas of your brain. Everything is tracked and recorded to monitor your progress and to ensure that you get the very best treatment and highest quality training available. Once you have finished, the trainer may record another baseline to compare it with your earlier one to evaluate your progress. There is nothing invasive involved with the training process. The system merely cues your central nervous system to do what is naturally best for YOUR brain. Due to the Bi-directional (two way) feedback nature of the brain and body, as you train your brain it will begin to self-regulate and synchronise healthy bodily functions. Just as your brain improves, your health improves, as your health improves, your brain improves. This creates a compounding cycle of: As your thoughts, feelings and moods improve, your brain improves. This is why combining your Health Renewal treatments with Brain Renewal is a powerful way to ensure your wellbeing, vitality and longevity.

Generally after a Brain Training session, you will feel relaxed and invigorated. Though after some sessions, just like after a good run or workout, you may feel “tired”, remember, this is Brain Training and we will put your brain through its paces. This will make your brain stronger and more resilient to stress and associated ailments. Because Brain RenewalTM is “drug free” and non-invasive it is highly unlikely that you will feel any side effects following a session. The most common “side effect” is feeling better. Most adverse side effects are felt due to the change in diet, environment, caffeine with drawl etc… Any noticeable shifts in your mood, awareness or energy level after brain training really depends on the individual and can vary from session to session.

The main point is that transformation with Brain RenewalTM happens according to your brain’s own intrinsic wisdom, with no conscious effort from your part or the user.

  • Athletes to improve focus, concentration, clarity of thought, reaction times and dexterity.
  • Artists, musicians, writers and executives create new neural networks that can open up discoveries, creativity and positive energy.
  • Children, labelled as “learning disabled”, find that they are learning-abled, understanding their own brain strengths and opening up pathways for learning, achievement and success.
  • Teenagers, overwhelmed by constant stimuli and often diagnosed with ADD or ADHD, find that they can learn to focus, discipline their thinking, conserve their energy and experience greater clarity, joy and confidence.
  • Addicts, driven by impulse and habit instead of logic and intent, are released from the tyranny of their “drug of choice”.
  • Insomniacs and those who suffer from headaches and pain find themselves restored.
  • Woman stressed out and run down by relentless responsibilities, find new energy, beauty and passion for life, children, partner and play.
  • Men, stressed out and feeling run down by responsibilities, find new energy and passion for life.
  • Students, wanting to improve their focus, get better grades, and experience greater confidence.
  • Those suffering with physical and emotional traumas find that disturbances decrease.
  • Older persons strengthen their memory, physical energy, experience calm and clarity of thought.

“How long will it take?” is a question many clients ask (second only to “What results can I expect”?). You will need a minimum of 12 accumulative hours to reach a base line. You cannot train too much. It is always recommended to train until the desired results are achieved. Because everyone’s central nervous system is unique, there is no standard answer to this question. Some clients love the results so much that they do well over 40 accumulative hours each year. This is not necessary, it is mainly a personal choice. It totally dependants on exactly what you want to achieve. Just like a life style of healthy eating and exercise, you do not eat well once and think that will be enough for the rest of my life… Though we cannot predict exactly what your brain will do with the information it receives through a Neuro-feedback training, we can offer a few guidelines.

Improvements are incremental and even though you will feel different after the first 40 minutes, we tell clients to expect to feel the biggest SHIFT after 8 hours (two or three sessions). Often, it is much quicker than that. Early on, clients commonly report feeling better rested, having an improved outlook on life and engaging more effectively with colleagues and loved ones. Additional changes are often experienced along with your final outcome goals. Any kind of shift is a positive indication that the brain training is working as designed.

Specifically, clients describe feeling clearer, calmer, lighter or brighter for a few hours after the session – a feeling that typically will last through the week, from one Neuro-feedback training session to the next. Eventually, this new centred way of being becomes your “new normal”. Only if you get thrown off by a negative event – a bad day at work, chemicals, a trauma of some kind, a knock on the head etc… - It may feel like you have dropped back into the way you felt before. Through our research, we have found that this is not the case. This is simply reactionary thinking in the moment, which needs attending to, but generally, you will not dip as deeply into the emotional discomfort as before and you will more than likely bounce back higher from challenging situations easily and much quicker.

The gains you make within the following three weeks of your last session are permanently yours and your brain will often continue improving, as we have seen with our long term clients. Your brain wants to keep you safe and will test and compare new pathways to old and will eventually settle after a few weeks, this is your new baseline. Training with Brain Renewal TM is actually a learning task. You get results because your brain is actively learning, even if you are not consciously doing the learning, much like reading, once your brain knows how to read, it can’t “not know”. Your brain doesn’t forget. It may get “rusty”, but the effects of learning remain throughout your lifetime. The best is to maintain your results by minimising stress and looking after your health with good diet, sleep and exercise. Your Health Renewal doctor will support you with those aspects.

Remember, your brain is living tissue and you can – and possible will – get “knocked off” by stress, chemicals, alcohol, anaesthetic and the difficulties of the daily lives we all seem to live. The wonderful thing is, with a “Top-up” or just a few booster sessions will get you back to where you were in no time. As technicians we see a trained brain quickly utilising the Neuro-Feedback as its reference and will adjust much faster (often within a few minutes) than an untrained brain. It is as if the brain says “I know what to do with this!” and it goes through all the steps it went through in the weeks of initial training, but much more rapidly. So with the sessions which Brain Renewal TM offers, you quickly get back to your “Happy Place”.

It’s very nice to know that if you are going through a difficult time that you can quickly do a session or two to recover your optimal flow and brain function.

As Neurological equipment has improved and evolved, reaching a new and an improved baseline for users has become quicker and quicker. It used to be at least 20 sessions (hour each) to help with the “here and now” issues and 30 plus sessions for “deeper” problems that originated earlier in life. Brain RenewalTM has combined the latest research and the best technology to achieve better and more sustainable results in significantly much less time. Today, it is possible that you could be feeling much better in as few as 3 or 4 Neuro-feedback training sessions (12 hours).

In the end, the more brain training you do, the more the positive effects will stay with you. Much like learning a language or a physical skill like juggling, “practice makes perfect”. The more sessions you undergo, the better your brain fitness.

You can stop whenever you feel and return for booster sessions to tune up and strengthen what your brain has already learned. You will never lose what you have; even if your brain’s optimal operation becomes a little rusty. In fact, many clients continue brain training on a monthly or bi-monthly basis to maintain their brain’s fitness for a lifetime. Brain Training is non-invasive and naturopathic, so it may be used as long as you like. Similar to the benefits of exercise for the body, Neuro-Feedback can be an important tool for brain health, as it keeps the central nervous system in tip-top shape.

You can make Brain RenewalTM Neuro-Feedback training central to your personal brain fitness program as you age.


These sessions are for specific training like the frontal lobes to increase mental function like information processing, (IQ), focus and concentration. These sessions follow a goal specific program for each region and include mental exercises and personal training.

These are recommended to take after your training, but can be used as a tester to see the power of Brain training. These sessions cannot be discounted due to the intensity.

These sessions do not replace the STANDARD, INTENSIVE or EXTENSIVE trainings.


The gains made within the three weeks to three months following your training are basically permanent. Just like fillings are with a dentist, even though the fillings are “permanent” good health care is needed and a visit to the dentist every six months to a year is essential. Top up sessions are for reinforcement and to improve on the training already done. These sessions are generally between three to six months apart and are four hours in total.


Once you have completed your initial training you can take a maintenance plan. This is the most efficient and cost effective way to protect your investment and your training. These are monthly sessions of two to four hours for a minimum of three months. These are done in one session per month or divided into two sessions of your choice.


It is common that, besides the benefits after training, curious clients want to “see” what the training has done for them. For this we do a Post Training MAP and perform a comparison. This is exactly the same as the initial MAP assessment.

This Post MAP assessment is a service:

  • No report is compiled from this MAP.
  • If you would like a comparative report this can be done on request.
  • A comparative report is extremely time intensive and can be done for a fee of R500.

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Review -Brain training has made such an impact on our lives!
Reviewed on 19 October 2015 by A Joubert

Brain training has made such an impact on our lives that we are truly grateful that our paths crossed with it. There is such a vast difference in our daily lives pre- and post brain training. Our lives pre-brain training with our daughter was quite the challenge on a regular basis. A small example of this was the challenges at dinnertime. She would sit with a fork full of food in front of her face and daydream to such an extent that dinnertime would last in excess of an hour and resulted in cold food, upset parents and a general unhappy household.

And along came the wonder of brain training. In our case 12 hours of relaxation for our daughter, and a happy household outcome! From not being able to concentrate long enough to finish a plate of food without it resulting in a fight or two, she could have dinner whilst following the conversation going on and still keep up with various other distractions. The absolute accuracy of the brain map has astounded me, from picking up her perfectionism to being able to point out to us that her brain does not allow her body to rest at night, what an awesome experience.

I would recommend brain training to any parent who gets the dreaded phone call from school asking you to start your child on certain medications. Rather explore what is going on in your child's brain and find alternative, non-chemical ways to assist them, it is such an investment in their future.

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