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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1What is Neuroplasticity?
  • Our brains are constantly being shaped by experience.
  • Most of us have very different behaviours and thoughts today than we did 20 years ago.
  • This shift is neuroplasticity in action; changes in brain structure and organisation as we experience, learn, and adapt.
  • With every repetition of a thought or emotion, we reinforce a neural pathway - and with each new thought, we begin to create a new way of being.
  • These small changes, frequently enough repeated, lead to changes in how our brains work.
  • Neuroplasticity is the 'muscle building' part of the brain; the things we do often we become stronger better at, what we don’t use fades away.
  • That is the physical basis of why making a thought or action over and over again increases its power.
  • Over time, it becomes automatic; a part of us.
  • We literally become what we think and do.
  • Neuroplasticity is at work throughout life.
  • Connections within the brain are constantly becoming stronger or weaker, depending on what is being used.
  • Younger people change easily; their brains are very plastic.
  • As we age change doesn't come as easily; the brain loses some of its plasticity and we become more fixed in how we think, learn, and perceive.
  • Since the brain is pivotal to all we think and do, by harnessing neuroplasticity we can improve everything we do and think.
  • Neurofeedback works with these fundamental principles of neuroplasticity to help you take control of your mind. 

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