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Frequently asked Brain Renewal questions

What is Brain Training?

Brain training is like having a personal gym trainer in your head who builds a better brain.

Brain trainer uses state of the art Neuro-Feedback technology which gives your brain instant feedback as to how it is performing in real time and your brain self-adjusts to the improved way of functioning. Through this, your brain de-stresses and learns how to function better, improving memory, sleep, focus and concentration while supporting the elimination of ailments like anxiety, depression, panic disorders etc…

What is Neuro-feedback?

Neuro-Feedback is the official term used to describe the Brain Training process. Neuro-feedback is the process of listening to your brains’ activities via an EEG and providing positive audio and visual feedback to your senses. It uses the latest computer technology, dynamic software, powerful processors and precise EEG signal to do this. Your brain has a variety of frequencies which each have a characteristic. The Neuro-Feedback “listens” to your brains’ frequency activity over 10 thousand times a second and provides an instant reference point for your brain to improve its function by encouraging these frequencies into the appropriate region of your brain for optimal function. Neuro-Feedback is not an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) and does not look at the structure of the brain, but rather its function through the process of its frequencies.

Is this some new age thing?

Neuro-feedback was discovered way back in the 60’s and has been refined ever since. There are thousands of case studies and scientific evidence and on-going research to improve the results. So over 50 years later I would say that it is not some new age or fly by night thing. It has its roots deeply buried in science and is backed up by results.

Is it for real?

The results are undeniable: Yes it is for real. I asked this question myself and after doing my own research and investigating the process, the science behind it and reading the case studies and the testimonials I experienced the results first hand. It is because of the results which I experienced in my own life that I took this and became a Neuro-Feedback practitioner. This is a synergistic and powerful tool to assist you and your brain to function better and live the life you dream of.

Does it work?

It almost seems too simple and we as humans like to complicate things, even the simple stuff. I can say that it works for one reason; we can track and measure the change. Besides the fact that you will see and feel the change yourself, by performing a before and after MAP of your brain we can see how you have responded to the training. This is scientific, not guess work.

Can this really change me?

Yes, it can. We are so conditioned that only once we pop a pill in our mouths that things will change. This is just crazy, do pills work? Yes they do, just like steroids work in body builders. Do pills have side effects? Yes they do, just like the steroids have in body builders. The thing is we tend to only see the side effects of these magic pills after many years of long term exposure and then we as intelligent humans tend to ignore the problems that the so called solution has created. Neuro-feedback has the ability to change a host ailments, without the drugs and without any long term adverse side effects.

Does it hurt?

Nope! It can’t. There is no signal or electricity going into your head. The only pain, pressure or discomfort will come from you either resisting the feedback or an increased blood flow to the region being worked with. This increase in blood flow is a good thing to support the brain through its plasticity and new neuro-pathway growth, however, it may have a tendency to produce headaches which will pass over time as the brain makes adjustments, kind of like growing pains, but the process its self is non-invasive, non-intrusive and painless.

Are there side effects?

Yes, you may feel better, clearer and even feel smarter. Your wellbeing may improve and ailments might leave you. Other than that, very few clients report mild pressure, discomfort or a short bout of restlessness or headaches. Just as we get stiff as we take on a new training routine any discomfort is stiff “brain muscles” being worked to work better. These are nothing like the side effects of long term illness, long term prescription or drug use like the example of steroids above. This is simply a sign that the training is working and these “side effects” fade away and are replaced by a smile, feeling great and the amazing feedback from clients.

Is this safe?

In the hands of an ethical professional, yes it is. This is a self-regulated process where your brain will check and test the changes which it is encouraged to make, so even if an error is made, your brain will seldom make detrimental changes. Of course Neuro-feedback can cause undesirable changes, but only under misguided practices. You will never have to worry about this at Brain Trainer.

Can I do this at home?

Technology has moved forward to such a degree that equipment which would usually fill a room is now small enough to be portable. So, if you manage to purchase all the equipment, do all the studying, get all the training required and have the practical experience needed just to be a technician, then yes, I guess you can do some basic training at home. Of course this will require some years and a sizable investment of time and money on your part which does not make this a practical. Brain Trainer is investing in major research and development which will one day make home based training a reality with minimal training for the participant, but this is still out of reach. It is best to do the training with a professional.

What change can I expect?

Depending on your goals, your willingness to learn and the time you put into your Neuro-Feedback sessions you can expect massive changes. Your process can be monitored the whole way through and as you focus on certain areas your memory will improve, your focus and concentration will be sharper… etc… it is difficult to list all the positive benefits here, so if it is something we cannot achieve we will simply tell you.

Do not expect drug like induced changes. Like taking a headache pill and then you feel the drug kick in and the headache goes away. This is a retrospective process that you will see and feel the difference after you perform or do something different. Of course the difference is that the drug wears off quickly, but Neuro-Feedback has a much longer life span, potentially for the rest of your life.

Will I be smarter than all my friends?

If you are willing to improve your life in any way, I would say that you are already smarter than your friends. As your brain learns how to function better you will automatically be smarter than when you started. Neuro-Feedback works with what it is given. It cannot turn an accountant into an engineer. It is not about turning you into something else, it is about making a better you. Do not compare yourself to your friends or Einstein.

How can brain training help me?

This is accurate to the point of being able to train each region of the brain for its specific purpose. For instance: Improving the frontal lobes for executive functioning, data processing and information retrieval or the Parietals for better special perception or the Temporal regions for better boundaries, language and emotional performance, so that you will train what is relevant to you.

Why does it take so long?

This is the conditioning of the magic pill again. We want instant gratification. Stress and trauma are part of our daily lives and these all have an influence on our brain activity. To correct each imbalance or to enhance each function requires a certain amount of time. Just like building a better physique. Often to achieve a certain goal a different number of regions in your may need to be worked on and each region requires its own time. Think of it like this: Imagine being able to undo years of traumas and stressors in a matter of a few hours, without drugs or years of therapy.

When I’m not training are there any processes or exercises to make the training faster or more potent?

Any form of mental exercise like playing Sudoku, building puzzles and solving brain teasers is training the brain, but it lacks a few key components which separates Neuro-Feedback apart from standard practices. Doing these mental exercises will certainly help. Following a good diet and taking the correct supplements will also support your training and improve your long term results. A change in attitude and thinking will have a profound effect on your life and the results of the training. Being sceptical at first is healthy and encouraged from my part, because there are some shady characters out there, however to carry this with you once you have started or completed your training will have a wet blanket effect on your results. Improving your diet and exercise will support your new pathways, the specifics of this will be discussed once you are training.

How long does it last?

The gains you make after your training are permanent. The brain has a tendency to check the changes which have occurred and compare them to the old patterns. We call this “swing” because the brain swings from the old pattern to the new pattern and then it begins to settle. Once the frequencies have migrated and the brain has settled, these changes are permanent. Without stressors or traumas this change is your “new normal”. Be aware that stress and trauma will always affect the brain. It would be great if in modern day life we had no stress or trauma so just because you visit a dentist and brush every day does not mean that you will never need a dentist again. The great part is that if you feel like things are not as optimal as you like over time you do not have to repeat the training from scratch, you can simply have a “Top Up” to get things on track.

When will I see the results?

You will see or feel the results instantly, however the massive or marked changes are generally experienced over time (within 3 weeks) and in retrospect. By this I mean that you (or others) will notice your changes after you have done things differently. It is seldom noticed upfront. Of course your changes are tracked and recorded by us while you are training so the changes are instant, we simply, seldom have the awareness to see the changes upfront even if they are staring us in the face. This is always evident in the post training MAP.

Why is this not used everywhere?

Because of the time factor and the training involved to become proficient in Neuro-Feedback, traditional or main stream practitioners prefer to keep doing what they are doing. It is often easier and more practical to prescribe pill than spend hours working with clients. This does not make what they do less, be careful of this thinking. It is what we are all inducted into thinking.

Neuro-Feedback gets lost in the mainstream. For very good reason only what is taught at medical school can be practiced. Most of these institutions are run by those who are vested in the current system and only if they receive direct benefit from a particular practice will they shuffle things around to make space for the next generation. I can only imagine how many great practices have died on the vine due to this. Think about this – Acupuncture, reflexology and even homeopathy are not considered “medical’, but rather alternative. So vibrational and self-regulating practices are not chemically driven and are not seen as “medical”, regardless of the results. See more on this in my article pages.

Will this solve all my problems?

Well we all want the silver bullet don’t we? Remember bullets kill… (LOL)

Yes! This will solve all the issues, problems or challenges that it meets on this level for other issues, problems or challenges you may need to go to a different level. The training will have an influence on your bio-chemistry and can support you getting off medication or clearing an ailment or trauma, however if your bio-chemistry is off because you consume too many toxins or if the structure of an organ is damaged the lightly hood, although possible, it may not rectify this problem. This thinking is like wearing glasses to solve a hearing problem.