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Review -Brain training has made such an impact on our lives!
Reviewed on 19 October 2015 by A Joubert

Brain training has made such an impact on our lives that we are truly grateful that our paths crossed with it. There is such a vast difference in our daily lives pre- and post brain training. Our lives pre-brain training with our daughter was quite the challenge on a regular basis. A small example of this was the challenges at dinnertime. She would sit with a fork full of food in front of her face and daydream to such an extent that dinnertime would last in excess of an hour and resulted in cold food, upset parents and a general unhappy household.

And along came the wonder of brain training. In our case 12 hours of relaxation for our daughter, and a happy household outcome! From not being able to concentrate long enough to finish a plate of food without it resulting in a fight or two, she could have dinner whilst following the conversation going on and still keep up with various other distractions. The absolute accuracy of the brain map has astounded me, from picking up her perfectionism to being able to point out to us that her brain does not allow her body to rest at night, what an awesome experience.

I would recommend brain training to any parent who gets the dreaded phone call from school asking you to start your child on certain medications. Rather explore what is going on in your child's brain and find alternative, non-chemical ways to assist them, it is such an investment in their future.

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