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​5 Strengths All Women Have

5 Strengths All Women Have (But I Didn't Realise Until I Became a Mom)

By Alisa Vitti

I am 10 months deep into motherhood. Before having a child, I always thought my experience as an entrepreneur was an incredible opportunity for personal growth and development. Now, I've realised it has nothing on motherhood.

I was expecting all the exhaustion and restrictions that come with being a new mom, and some of that is definitely there. But I've also found this roaring new energy that makes me feel like both a superhero and a queen.

I now realize that these superpowers are accessible to all women at any time — whether they're mothers or not. It makes me wonder what it would have been like if I had tapped into this potent energy long before I entered motherhood.

1. Your nature is fierce and fearless.

Since becoming a mother, I've been feeling my heart and feminine energy in ways I really hadn’t before. Immediately postpartum, my energy was in a soft, super expansive place. That energy has since become a concentrated liquid molten love, and it feels so powerful.

I feel the ferocious nature in me to protect my child and to do what’s necessary to care for her. I feel fearless in achieving these ends, and I can see how equally powerful applying this energy to other areas of my life will be. My fearlessness in speaking my mind and taking a stand for what I believe are serious superpowers for creating an amazing life.

2. Your inner guide is always right.

Now, I just know. Did you know that foetal brain cells reside permanently in the mother's brain? During the experience of pregnancy and labour and becoming a mom in this first year, I've had so many instances of just knowing exactly what to do and following that instinct without second guessing myself (finally!). All the time I have back that was once wasted on second-guessing myself will help create huge momentum and support me being a leader.

3. The more you commit, the more freedom you have.

In taking care of my daughter, I’ve sometimes struggled with the pressure to sacrifice self-care.

However, I've now learned that all top performers actually treat their self-care as sacred, and they're incredibly disciplined about it. Constraints actually make you more efficient.

When I start to question whether this is really true, I just look at my company’s performance metrics and see in black and white just how productive I’ve become.

You learn how to work smarter, and it's amazing to see how you can grow your stamina and capacity to do so many things.

4. Embracing change allows for what's really important to surface.

Since becoming a mother, I've noticed how my desire for certain things concerning life and work have changed for the better. I want more quality time with community, a home that feels like a sanctuary, and more downtime each day to move my body and be with my daughter.

All of these things are in line with my values and my company's mission, and they also ultimately support a happy, healthy marriage.

5. Your body is freaking amazing.

Seriously: I made a tiny human. I rode out 20 hours of contractions naturally like a boss and recovered from delivery. My breasts make the milk she drinks, and I've gotten my period, body and energy back. It's all so unbelievably amazing and awe-inspiring. Vaginas rule!

It’s my privilege to take care of my body daily so it can continue to inspire my awe. I’ve always felt this way — but it's been a gift to witness my body’s amazing powers again, this time as a new mother.